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20 Ton Direct Cooling Ice Block Machine Case

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20 Ton Direct Cooling Ice Block Machine Case

The client is located in the Philippines and is engaged in fishery aquaculture wholesale. In recent years, the Philippines has strengthened its aquaculture economy and enhanced the quality and safety supervision of aquatic products.


Under the record high global temperatures, the survival of the fish in the customer's fish tanks and the preservation of fish meat brought great challenges, the customer's daily throughput of about 20 tonnes of aquatic products, the need for a large number of ice to the fish tanks and fish pools to cool down. Customers through the network social platforms and industry word of mouth to understand that Icemedal ice machine because of the ice out fast, on-demand use, the use of flexible, outstanding results and other characteristics, decided to purchase from Icemedal 20T direct cooling ice block machine, ice block machine order within 40 days of delivery, installation, began to put into use, 24 hours of ice output up to 20 tonnes of ice, a single block of ice weighting 25kg.

Direct cooling ice brick machine is an ice brick production equipment, the evaporator is made of aluminium alloy with high thermal conductivity, direct and efficient heat exchange with refrigerant, low freezing temperature and fast ice making. High degree of automation, water replenishment, ice making, ice removal, full automation, no need for manual operation. The ice cubes are clean and hygienic, and can reach the edible standard. The product easy to operate, small footprint, easy to install, wider range of applications, can bring customers a larger market.


The project was quickly put into production after completion and operated 24 hours a day, with the ice output reaching the scheduled production of 20 tons, solving the urgent needs of customers and greatly improving the survival rate of live fish in transport tanks.

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