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A large edible ice making plant


We can provide the design of building ice making plant, so that the ice making plant can be more efficient, more energy-saving and more concise operation, improve the competitiveness of the ice making plant. For the construction of the edible ice making plant we need clean and tidy, the process short and efficient, less and refined personnel, in line with the certification requirements of food enterprises. Combined with our years of experience, We will provide a new leading design concept of the ice making plant.


The edible ice making plant design as follows:

The edible ice making plant of 20-40 tons cube ice machine equipment and equipment brief description:

 Reverse Osmosis Filtration System:
 meet the daily production of 40 tons of pure water matching and storage.
 Pre-cooling water chilled unit: 
Before ice making, reduce the temperature of the pure water used to below 10℃.
 Cube ice machine:
Continuously turn precooled water into ice
 Automatic transmission device: 
will make good ice filter moisture and transmission to the lifting device.
 Lifting Device 1: 
lift the ice into the screw conveyor and ice storage
Screw conveying and ice storage device: 
select the appropriate capacity for storing the ice before packing according to the night unattended working hours, and automatically feed it to the lifting device 2 and the packer when packing
 Lifting Device 2: 
Lift the ice into the ice packing machine
 The ice packing machine:
Select the amount and weight ice to pack
Finished ice Transportation System: Transportation of finished ice to cold storage
 Cold storage: 
Storage the finished ice. 
Cold storage of workshop : 
The whole production line is placed in a clean and hygienic cold storage, which reduces the loss of ice in the whole process.
The edible ice making plant features:
The product line does not need manual operation, only in cold storage for palletizing operation.
Do not need to work at night, greatly reduce the labor intensity of 
No personnel on the production line to reduce the possibility of ice secondary pollution.
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