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3 Things to Keep in mind When Using Ice Block Machine

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3 Things to Keep in mind When Using Ice Block Machine

Ice block machine manufacturers believe that when using the ice block machine, they must understand some common sense of operation. For example, paying attention to the heat dissipation problem, because the ice block manufacturing will generate some heat demanding to dissipate, it should not be placed in the first place Orientation that is too close to the heat source. And it will not only bear the burden on the equipment, but also affect the power of the ice blocks. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to many details. Specifically, the matters needing attention in the operation of the ice block machine also include the following aspects.

1、Pay attention to placing in a suitable environment

Before these applications, the ice block machine should be installed in a clean, clean and well-ventilated environment indoors. It should not be placed in the open air to prevent it from being exposed to wind, rain, or sun. This is a very risky and easy to age. In addition, the ice block machine manufacturer emphasizes that it must be placed on the ground so that it can run smoothly during operation to prevent noise or risk. It should also be noted that there should be a certain space around to allow more Good heat dissipation.

2、Pay attention to be satisfied with its operating conditions

It is necessary to provide the ice block machine with its regular independent power supply and to ensure that the power supply has a grounding method. This is a basic requirement to ensure the normal operation of the machine, and it must be equipped with fuses and leakage protection switches. Do not exceed the scope of the rules in order to ensure the safety of the application. The water source used by an ice block machine should meet the drinking water specifications, and it can only be officially used after being filtered.

3、Avoiding "secondary ice production"

When the power goes out during the ice making process, the ice in the mould melts; the next time the power comes in, many people continue to use the water in the mould to make ice, which can then damage the mould. This is because 'secondary ice making' can cause the upper layer of water in the mould to freeze first, leaving no room for the lower layer to expand and damage the mould when it freezes. So the correct method is to drain the moulds first and recreate the ice making.

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