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Case of 10 Ton Tube Ice Machine Project in South Africa

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Case of 10 Ton Tube Ice Machine Project in South Africa

Customer Background

The client is located in South Africa and has his own edible ice factory, supplying ice to local restaurants, fish markets, supermarkets and marinas. He not only wants to sell the product locally but also plans to promote and sell it in other regions. Tube ice is a popular type of ice in South Africa, which has a good appearance and better melting resistance.

IceMedal supplied a 41mm tube ice machine with a tonnage of 30 tonnes to the customer, which is now on its way to South Africa and will be put on the market for sale by the customer very soon.


tube ice machine production

Tube ice machine mainframe with Germany Compressor

tube ice machine brand compressor

ice-out test:

tube ice machine ice out test

Get ready to ship:

tube ice machine ready to ship

Introduction of Company

Hunan Icemedal Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd specializing in the field of industrial refrigeration equipment manufacturing. We are a modern industrial manufacturing company integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service, committed to the technical research and development of cold chain front warehouses, low-temperature food processing and sorting workshops, quick-freezing and fresh-keeping equipment, and the production of intelligent cold sources, flake ice machines, cube ice machines, tube ice mchines, block ice machines and other products.if you want get more details welcome contact us.

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