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How Is The Concrete Construction Temperature Controlled?

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How Is The Concrete Construction Temperature Controlled?

Concrete, as a building material made of cement, sand, stone and other raw materials mixed, poured and hardened, the effect of its temperature on strength should not be ignored.During the hardening of concrete, the temperature of the concrete undergoes a gradual increase due to exothermic hydration reactions, water evaporation and other factors. However, this temperature change is not insignificant, but is directly related to the strength development of the concrete.

concrete plant

In general, an increase in the temperature of concrete leads to a decrease in its strength. The extent of this reduction in strength is closely related to the rate of temperature rise and the rate of temperature reduction.Too rapid a rate of warming may trigger cracking on the surface of the concrete, while too slow a rate of cooling may lead to cracks inside the concrete. These cracks not only affect the aesthetics of the concrete, but more importantly, impair its mechanical properties and durability.

Normally, in order to ensure the quality of concrete, its maximum temperature should be controlled below 30℃, while the minimum temperature should not be lower than 5℃. Especially in high temperature or humid environment, the temperature of concrete is more likely to be affected by external conditions.

What are the cooling methods? Common ways are: the use of refrigerants, the use of water spray and fan cooling, control of pouring time, etc. These methods certainly have a certain role, but if the extreme hot weather and high standards of concrete pouring, pouring a large amount of cases, these methods of concrete cooling effect is not obvious, then how is the best solution?


The answer is to add ice to reduce the temperature, adding ice can significantly reduce the temperature of the concrete, through the control of the amount of ice, you can achieve effective control of the concrete temperature, so that the concrete can be hydrated under the scientific and reasonable temperature reaction, to achieve the design strength of concrete.

Icemedal Refrigeration, as a pioneer in the field of industrial refrigeration, with its deep ploughing in the field of industrial refrigeration, provides a complete set of cooling solutions for concrete cooling, with a digital control system, as long as the input of reasonable production instructions can be realised by automatic ice production, ice storage, transport, ice refilling and other operations.

Icemedal refrigeration concrete cooling solutions include the core of the large flake ice machine, ice production through gravity into the rake ice area, and then through the automatic rake ice system will be transported to the ice mixing warehouse, the middle of the configuration of the refrigerated ice storage for the temporary storage of ice.

The whole process can be completed in an automated state with no one intervening. After mixing with the concrete, the huge amount of cold contained in the ice is exchanged with the heat generated by the hydration reaction, which reduces the temperature of high-temperature heap of concrete to a reasonable range, and protects the temperature control of concrete pouring projects.

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