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How To Avoid Pitfalls When Purchasing A Large Ice Maker?

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How To Avoid Pitfalls When Purchasing A Large Ice Maker?

Ice Machine Development Trends

In recent years, large ice machines have emerged in the catering, pharmaceutical, logistics and other industries, and their importance in many areas is becoming increasingly prominent. 

More and more enterprises and entrepreneurs began to enter the refrigeration industry, with the continuous improvement of technology, the function of large-scale ice machine is also becoming more and more perfect. 

In the dazzling market, how to pick an ice machine that meets their needs has become an urgent problem to be solved. According to our customers' feedback, when choosing a large ice machine, they usually consider the following key factors:

direct cooling block ice machine

Key Factors:

1. Capacity: Large ice machines generally have a capacity between 1 ton and 100 tons, which can efficiently produce a large amount of ice cubes.

2.Power: The power of large ice makers is generally above 2KW, which can quickly achieve ice making.

3.Noise: The noise level of large ice machines is usually low and does not significantly disturb the surrounding environment.

Tube ice machine

Advantages of Icemedal ice machines:

Compared to other ice machines on the market, there are some other features in addition to adjustable ice size, energy saving and environmental protection:

1. Price advantage: under the premise of quality assurance,Icemedal refrigeration can provide personalized customized solutions to help customers save 10% to 20% of the capital costs

2.High-quality ice: ice made by Icemedal Ice Machine is not easy to melt, and cools quickly, which can meet the demand for ice in various scenarios.

3.Easy to operate: Icemedal ice machine is relatively easy to operate, usually only need to make simple settings through the control panel to start making ice. At the same time, the automatic control function of the ice machine can also reduce the burden of manual operation and improve work efficiency.

4.Convenient maintenance: The maintenance of the Icemedal refrigeration ice maker is relatively easy, with a low failure rate. Regular inspections of the refrigeration system and ice block production are all necessary to ensure the normal operation of the ice maker.

5.The use of safety: Icemedal refrigeration ice machine is usually equipped with automatic monitoring of the temperature and water level and other indicators of the function, once anomalies occur, the equipment will automatically stop running and send out an alarm prompts to ensure that the use of the process of safety.

Block ice machine


When choosing a large ice maker, it is necessary to comprehensively consider actual needs and budget, and choose the equipments and model that is suitable for oneself. At the same time, attention should be paid to considering multiple factors such as the capacity, power, noise, after-sales service, and price of the ice maker.

In summary,Purchasing Icemedal refrigeration ice maker machine, to ensure the stability of its quality and after-sales service,If you have any purchasing needs for a large ice maker, please feel free to contact us at any time:

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