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How To Choose Good Direct Cooling Block Ice Machine

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How To Choose Good Direct Cooling Block Ice Machine

Icemedal block ice machine divided into brine water block ice machine and direct cooling ice block machine.The capacity is from 1-100tons/24hrs.

Advantage s of Direct cooling block ice machine

1.The direct cooling block ice machine produces larger size ices than other ice machines. It uses a highly efficient thermally conductive aluminum alloy material for heat exchange with the refrigerant.

2.Ice blocks are large in volume, low in temperature, not easy to ablate, convenient to transport, and long in storage time. It was very popular in high temperature tropical areas. It can be crushed into various forms of ice blocks according to different requirements.

3.It uses fully automatic operation to add water, make ice, and collect ice without the need for manual labor.

4.The block ice machine has a long use life. And because no brine water cooling medium the ice making process is pollution-free. Under the premise that the water supply reaches drinking water, the ice blocks can meet the edible standard requirements, breaking through the problem that large ice block machine cannot be eaten.It is suitable for food processing, fishery production, cooling and preservation, commercial logistics, edible ice, docks and ports,etc..

block ice

How to choose good direct cooling block ice machine

1.Block ice machine brand: Choose great ice machines factory,such as IcemedaI,  industry refrigeration manafaturer for all ice machines.

2.Ice block selection:Machine configuration: choose brand accessories, mainly equipped with compressors, condensers, refrigeration accessories, electronic control components, etc.

3.Evaporator: According to the process, heat preservation, lifting system, structure of the aluminum plate evaporator produced by the manufacturer, choose the one you are satisfied with.

4.Function: The functional package of the device and the degree of automation of the device. Since most brands of direct-cooled block ice machines are still manual in many places, the automatic is definitely better. The humanization of the control system and the convenience of operation.

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