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How to Build an Ice Factory

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How to Build an Ice Factory

Preparations for building an ice factory

The most common ice factories are edible ice and industrial ice factories. For the selection of an ice plant, many factors need to be considered, such as: investment cost, operating cost, maintenance cost, water supply and preference for ice type. Ice-making manufacturers must design and manufacture ice cubes that can meet the needs of the local market under the existing equipment. Whether it is a new ice factory or an old ice factory, only by controlling lower costs can they be more competitive in the local ice-making market.

Therefore, the choice of ice-making equipment and the competitive environment of the local ice-making market are factors that investors need to consider and investigate. In addition, investors also need to consider the total production costs (including operating costs and return on invested capital). The high operating cost of an ice-making plant can easily lead to an increase in the cost of ice-making and a decrease in competitiveness. In the long run, the risk is high and the return on investment time is long. Ice-making plants with high initial equipment investment costs generally have a high degree of automation, low labor costs, high equipment energy-saving efficiency, low operating costs, strong competitiveness, and low risk.

The usual practice is to make a budget for capital and operating costs based on the investor's requirements, and then make a technical or economic analysis based on the investor's expected budget. 

Practice has proved that this is a very effective and cost-effective analysis for customers. 

This analysis not only helps customers make investment budgets and price estimates, but also greatly benefits ice plant selection. 

Because ice production conditions at each area such as electricity, water, labor costs are critical to the design of ice plant specifications.


In order to help investors who want to invest in an ice factory to better choose and design their most profitable ice factory, Icemedal Refrigeration recommends that you collect the conditions and estimated cost budget for the preparation of the ice factory as much as possible. The following Icemedal Refrigeration will analyse the factors that must be considered in the design of the ice plant, and hope that it will help your investment.

1. How many tons is the daily production capacity of the ice maker (the output mentioned by the ice maker is calculated in 24 hours), which is estimated according to your local market demand.

2. The designed storage capacity of the ice storage warehouse (whether the ice produced by the ice making mechanism needs to be stored in a refrigerator) mainly depends on the ice selling habits of the local market. Generally, the designed storage capacity of the ice storage warehouse is 2~3 times of the production capacity of the ice making machine

3. Uses and sales channels of ice cubes.

4. The type of ice you like, consider the size of the ice and the weight of each ice.

5. Local climatic conditions: the highest ambient temperature, humidity (choose cooling type).

6. Local human labor costs.

7. The initial temperature, pressure and purity of water used for ice making.

8. The cost of water sources (if not edible, use of river water and groundwater can be considered).

9.Cost of a modified, cooled box delivery van (for ice delivery)

10. Power information: Three-phase power is required to meet the load used by the equipment, and whether there is a peak-to-valley electricity price.

There are many ways to build an ordinary ice factory now, but it is not a simple matter to build an ice factory that is most suitable for the local market and has a more competitive ice factory. The mission of Icemedal Refrigeration is to provide investors with various types of ice factory solutions, so that investors can make a set of the most cost-effective and most profitable ice factory with the least amount of money. 

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