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Icemedal IMT3 3 Tons Ice Tube Maker For Edible Usage

  • Certification:CE
  • MOQ:1 set
  • Warranty:12 months
  • Payment:T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, L/C
  • Lead time:40 days after getting deposit
  • After-sales Service Provided:Engineers available to service overseas
  • IMT 3


Icemedal IMT3 3 Ton Ice Tube Maker For Edible Usage

tube ice machine

3 tons ice tube maker is a good choice for commercial ice business. The ice plant design provided is able to make the machine operation during night, to make more profit for you.

| Product Advantages

1. Compact Structure 3D design standardizes production, and making the structure more reasonable.

2.Brand Compressor, those are the compressor brands we use for your better ice machine.

3. Special Pipe Insulation,Aluminum pipe insulation is using insulating material and aluminum surface to cover the evaporator and pipe, to increase the efficient of ice making.

4. Stainless Steel Water Pump ,The water circulating pump is stainless steel rpump, all material getting touch with water is food standard. The water is clean inside the system.

5.Brand Pressure Protector,The system is protected by Brand pressure protector to ensure the stable pressure.

| Tube Ice Application

The tube ice are widely used in frozen food preservation, medical applications, KTV, banquet hall, drinks modulation, hotels, hotels, bars, western  restaurants, fast food shops, cold drinks shop, beer room and other places need ice.

tube ice application for food processing

Food Preservation

tube ice for barBar

tube ice for hotel Hotel
tube ice for restaurants Restaurants

tube ice for making drinksMaking Drinks

| Product Parameter

IMT3 3Tons Tube Ice Machine Parameters
Name Unit Parameter

Tube Diameter
mm Φ22 Φ28 Φ35

Bizter Conpressor Parameter

Model 4EES-14
Cooling Capacity(kW) 28.3
Cooling Capacity(kW) 10


Model WN-15
Heat Exchange(kW) 49.2

Condensing Temperature

Degree Celsius(℃) 40
Evaporating Temperature Degree Celsius(℃) -12
Ambient Temperature Degree Celsius(℃) 32
Water Temperature Degree Celsius(℃) 20
Voltage V/P/HZ 380/3/50

Motor Power

Ice Cutting Motor(kW) 0.75
Recircling Pump(kW) 0.75
Cooling Tower Model LX-20
Power(kW) 0.55

Cooling Pump

Model GD50-17
Power(kW) 1.5
Cooling Fan Power Power(kW) 0.56
Water Cooling Machine Dimension L*W*H(mm) 1300*1100*2200

Refrigerant Quantity kg 90
100 110
Machine Weight kg 1500

| Product Details

tube ice machine ice mold

Ice Mold

Stainless steel 304 outer cylinder evaporator,improve the cold exchange performance,and the material  is good stanard.The water is clean making.

Brand Compressor

We use brand Compressor as the stable heart for the ice

machine, you can easily acquire spare parts of after-sale

service around the globe.

tube ice machine compressor

tube ice machine ice cutter

Ice Cutter

The ice cutting procedure is carefully designed, thenew design ice cutter makes less crashed ice.


Evaporator is the kernel of tube ice machine. Using 360℃ automatic welding machine, wield is compact and flat without gap. Refrigerant and water through the evaporator will not leak. The strong evaporator can increase the service time of the machine.

tube ice machine evaporator

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