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Icemedal Refrigeration Helps You With Concrete Cooling Solutions

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Icemedal Refrigeration Helps You With Concrete Cooling Solutions

During the concrete mixing process, certain temperature control is often required to effectively prevent cracking and other phenomena after concrete solidification. The Icemedal concrete cooling system can significantly reduce the mixing temperature of concrete, improve production efficiency, and improve concrete quality.

Concrete cooling

In general, concrete cooling systems include ice maker systems, ice storage systems, chiller systems, and ice delivery systems. The coordination of several major systems can safely and effectively solve the problem of concrete cooling.

Icemedal's professional development of concrete cooling system solutions brings together scientific design and many years of engineering experience.The short engineering installation cycle and low cost. At the same time, it adopts modular design, which is simple to maintain, easy to move, adaptable, and stable in performance.

Icemedal can design suitable solutions based on customer needs, and we recommend that customers understand their specific needs as much as possible.

If you have determined the type of ice making equipment required, we need to confirm the specific information with you:

1.Equipment cooling method, local power supply situation, refrigerant selection, local environmental temperature, water source temperature, etc;

2.The types and storage capacity of ice storage systems;

3.The ice delivery method of the ice delivery system;

4.The water flow rate and inlet and outlet water temperature requirements of the required chiller.

ice maker

If you know the situation of the project site, we need more detailed information:

1.Temperature of sand, stones, and cement required for cooling

2.The amount of concrete that needs to be cooled each day

3.The water temperature of the water source that can be used for refrigeration

4.The customer's temperature requirements for concrete mixing.

Icemedal has a team of professional R&D and design personnel who can transform your needs into high-quality products and efficient systems, tailoring suitable solutions for you.

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