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Icemedal’s 10 Tons Tube Ice Machine Being Assembled

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Icemedal’s 10 Tons Tube Ice Machine Being Assembled

With the summer heat, people have chosen various ways to cope with a wave of heat, such as cold drinks, ice, and air condition.

Among them,The ice industry plays a pivotal role, and in order to cope with the surging demand for edible ice, many ice plants have upgraded their equipment and sought to increase their capacity.

It was against this backdrop that a customer was challenged by the difficulty of meeting market demand with existing production lines, and sought an efficient, large-scale solution for ice production.

Customers through the field trip, visit the factory, in-depth exchanges, the company's manufacturing strength and service has been affirmed, and ordered 1 set of 10 tons and 30 tons of tube ice machine from our company

tube ice maker production

At currently,Icemedal's production line is assembling 10 ton and 30 ton tube ice maker machines, which are expected to be shipped in early June, powering the customer's ice production line and providing a significant jump in capacity.

 Quality is Icemedal's lifeline, and every ice machine that will be shipped out will undergo rigorous functionality and stability tests to ensure that it will be able to deliver high-quality ice steadily when it is delivered to the customer and live up to the customer's trust and expectations.

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