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Several Common Questions about Flake Ice Machine

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Several Common Questions about Flake Ice Machine

Flake ice is widely used. Here are some common questions that customers have about flake ice machines, as follows:


Q: Salt water needs to be added during the ice-making process of flake ice. What are the concentration and amount of salt water, and what happens if the salt water concentration is too high or too low?

A: Flake ice machine: salt concentration is 5%~7%, industrial salt is sufficient, but not edible. If the salt concentration is too high, the flake ice will be very soft, which will affect the deicing; if the salt concentration is not enough, the flake ice will be hard and brittle, and the thickness will not meet the standard. Both will affect the output.

Q: What kind of compressor is used in the flake ice machine for seawater ships with a small output of 0.5-2 tons? Is it Copeland?

A: There are two characteristics of seawater marine compressors:
(1) It is a double oil return system, the hull is bumpy, which affects the oil return and the operation of the compressor

(2) In some cases, a split compressor is used, and the motor (Siemens beide) and the compressor are separated to facilitate maintenance.

(3)  Air-cooled/water-cooled (sea water condenser)
(4) Blog compressors are generally used, because the blog compressed oil storage tank is large, not afraid of bumps

Q: How long does the flake ice melt?
A: A single piece of ice will melt within 5 minutes when placed in your hand, and will melt within 15 minutes on a wooden table. If a pile of ice leaks out at room temperature, it will melt within a day;
The melting time is related to the ambient temperature, contact temperature, accumulation thickness, and heat dissipation area, and there is no accurate melting time.

Q: How long can the skates of the flake ice machine be used?
A: Under normal maintenance, the service life is 10~15 years.

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