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Three Units 10 Tons Flake Ice Machines Enter The Packing And Shipping Stage

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Three Units 10 Tons Flake Ice Machines Enter The Packing And Shipping Stage

Three units 10 tons flake ice machine will be ready to shipping

Recently, 3 sets of 10 tons flake ice machine ordered by Algerian customer have entered the final stage.


Customer Background

As we know that the customer's original ice factory is relatively small in scale and wants to buy several ice machines to expand the scale and increase revenue. Through meticulous communication with the sales department, while meeting routine needs, we also put forward some practical suggestions, which were recognized by the customers. In October, the customer came to our company for on-site inspection. Through visiting the factory and in-depth communication, the customer affirmed our manufacturing strength and service, They ordered three 10 tons flake ice machines, one 5 ton flaket ice machine, and two cold storage units from our company on the same day.


Flake Ice Application

Flake ice machine is mainly used in food preservation, industrial cooling, fishing port aquatic products cooling and other fields.

Advantages of Icemedal Flake Ice Machines:

1.Beautiful design, stable performance and favourable price

2. Spiral ice skate design, clean ice removal, not easy to damage the ice skate.

3. Continuous spray welding to ensure that the evaporator is not easily deformed.

4.Smooth flow path, small resistance, improve refrigeration effect, reduce energy consumption.

5.Even ice thickness, covering an area of large, dry non-adhesion.

At present, three 10 tons flake ice machines and one 5 tons flake ice machine have been assembled and debugged, and will be ready for packing and delivery soon.



1.Q:I want to build an ice factory. How big the equipment is?

A:This needs to consider the model according to the output of ice you need in a day. The volume and ice ouput of different models are different. Refer to the parameter table on the details page.

2.Q:Where is the best place to install the equipment and what other factors need to be considered?

A:There is no direct sunlight and good ventilation. It is also necessary to consider whether there is water source and stable power supply.

3.Q:How to transport and install equipment?

A:After the goods arrive at the port of destination, forklifts need to be arranged, and the machinery is relatively heavy.

we will tested and install well the machine before shipment, all necessary spare parts,operation,manual and CD are provided to guide the installation. We can send our engineer to assist the installation and provide technical support and train your workers. The end-user provide accommodation and round-trip ticket for our engineer.

4.Q:What is the price, what is the daily maintenance, and does it need to be looked after?

A:The prices of various models are different. Please consult the salesman for details. Keep the unit clean and sanitary, and clean the scale of water tank and evaporator from time to time. Check whether the apron pipe of the apron is blocked. There are still many details to pay attention to we will provide the operation manual.

5.Q:How much water and electricity does a ton of ice need?

A;The production cost of flake ice is very economical. It only takes about 85 degrees of electricity to refrigerate 16 ℃ water into 1 ton of flake ice.

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