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What Is The Role of A Flake Ice Machine in A Food Market?

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What Is The Role of A Flake Ice Machine in A Food Market?

When we go to the vegetable market to buy groceries, we usually only see ice in the seafood and frozen meat areas. In fact, the role of fruit and vegetable flake ice machine in the vegetable market is not just these. We can't see the preservation of the warehouse also we can't get away from the flake ice.

5 tons flake ice machine

The applications of a flake ice machine in a food market

1.The storage of fruits and vegetables in the warehouses of food markets requires ice for freshness and refrigeration. Especially in the summer vegetables are particularly susceptible to dehydration, even rot, with ice to preserve freshness, both to ensure that the moisture of the vegetables, but also to preserve freshness, always let the vegetables taste like the same.

2.Meat and poultry preservation. In summer, when selling meat, chickens, and ducks, laying ice sheets underneath can keep meat and poultry fresh and taste good.

3.Seafood and aquatic preservation,it is common to use the ice sheet into an ice wall,and then lay the seafood on the ice, so that the seafood is particularly fresh,and looks beautiful and appetising.

flake ice application

Generally there is ice for sale in the food market, and the stallholder can go to buy ice. There is a high demand for flake ice machine, which can be purchased.Generally, flake ice machine with a daily output of 1 ton to 3 ton per day can be used

Our company specialises in the production and sale of various types of ice machines: flake ice machine, tube ice machine, block ice machine, cube ice machine and other ice equipment,welcome new and old customers to call us for advice.


1.Q: Are you add refrigerant in the ice machine?

A: Yes, our equipment is filled with refrigerant, and it can be used as long as it is connected to electricity and water

2.Q: Do you test the ice machine in your factory?

A: Yes, Our equipment will be tested twice before being put into use. In addition, our company can provide a complete set of solutions for the actual needs of customers. Creating value and fulfilling customers is our principle.

3.Q: All your ice machine is based on 380V 5OHZ power requirement? Do you have the right power requirement for aboard?: Such as 440V60HZor 220V three phase that suitable for America?

A: Our ice machine and power, voltage can suitable for your country, please make the power requirement be clear in your order.

4.Q: Whats the deliver time of your machine?

A: 1~5ton, 30 days since the deposit arrived at our account. 5~20 ton, 45 days. (based on the electricity 380V/50Hz/3p. some special design lead time will be longer.

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