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Witness Brand Strength from the Source | Oman Customers Visit Icemedal Refrigeration Factory in Depth

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Witness Brand Strength from the Source | Oman Customers Visit Icemedal Refrigeration Factory in Depth

On the morning of September 28th, two clients from Oman visited Hunan Icemedal Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. for on-site inspection. Mr. Lu Yuelei, the general manager of the company, gave a warm reception. Accompanied by department heads such as Mr. Lu, the client visited the newly relocated 8000 square meter factory and gained a deeper understanding of Icemedal's innovation and production process in ice making and refrigeration technology.


As we know that the customer has an ice brick factory in Oman. The main purpose of this visit is to purchase advanced technology and reliable flake ice machine, so as to take this opportunity to fully expand the customer group and increase the overall income of the ice factory.

During the visit, Mr. Lu provided customers with a detailed introduction to the production and development process of Icemedal ice making machines, professional knowledge in cold storage construction, development prospects of the ice making industry, and the brand strength of Icemedal Refrigeration Company. He patiently answered the questions raised by customers, leaving a good impression on them.

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After the visit, customers were deeply attracted to Icemedal's high-quality products, advanced production workshops, and promising industry development prospects. In the conference room, both parties conducted in-depth discussions on the future cooperation and reached a consensus. After two hours of in-depth communication, the customer highly recognized the products of Icemedal ice maker and reached a cooperation intention on the spot.

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Through this visit to the factory, it has promoted friendly cooperation and exchange between both parties, deepened their friendship, and laid a solid foundation for future common development and progress. Without quality, there will be no tomorrow. Icemedal Refrigeration will continue to provide more high-quality products and services to customers from all over the world, and work together with them to pursue prosperity.

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