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20 T- Per Day Ice Brick Machine Capable of Producing Large Ice Cubes for Rapid Cooling And Preservation

  • IMB 20

  • IceMedal

Product Description

ICEMEDAL Series Block Ice Machine is the SECOND GENERATION ice block machine developed by ICEMEDAL, adopting coil pipe evaporator. For its high efficiency, low power consumption and more “fool” typed installation.




*Brand Compressor; Refrigerant: R22/R404A.

* Power supply: voltage 380 V/3P/50Hz (For non-standard voltage, unit configuration needs to be calculated separately)

* Operating conditions: T (water supply):20℃, T (ambient): 32℃, T (condensing): 38℃, T (evaporating): -20℃.

* Note: The actual ice production varies due to the influence of water supply temperature and ambient temperature.

* The final interpretation of the above mentioned parameters is in Icemedal, there will be no further notice, if there is any technical change.

Product Advantages

1.Short and fast ice freezing time. Sanitary, clean and edible ice blocks. Slow ice freezing, the ice can be 100% transparent.

2.Auto water adding, ice making and ice harvest. No need salt water.

3.Food-grade aluminium ice moulds, anti-rust and anti-corrosive;Aluminium ice moulds assembled without welding. Will not deform or affect ice harvest;

4.Ice bed can be movable or motor driven. Using a motor-driven automatic screw rod lifting system.

5.Compact structure design, can save installation space and shipping costs for you; Perfect and special water-lock technology. Very strong framework, not easy to deform.

6.High power water agitator is used to replace the common water pump. The block ice machine is energy saving. Ice making power consumption had declined from 110kW·h to 74kW·h/ton.

7. Agitator makes the brine flowing faster, so that shorten the ice frozen time and improve the refrigeration effect of the whole machine. And agitator is much harder to be broken than water pump.

8.High Power Efficiency Coil pipe evaporator is the key to improve the cold exchange, so the refrigerating efficient is increased

9.Control System The machine is operating automaticly. Operator is able to start or stop the machine by pressing one button. The temperature of the brine water is controlled.


1. Ice factory of the ports and docks, 2. Fressh for aquatic products, 3. Cooling, 4. Distance transportation 5.Fishery

6. Food preservation 7.Special areas of cooling 8. Ice sculpture.

Book Your Size Weight of block ice: 2.5kg,5kg, 10kg, 20kg…100kg, can be customized


1.Standard wooden case for packing main frame of block ice machine.Containerized design no need packing.

2.Machine installed completely and strictly tested in our factory before shipping.

3.Completely machine:ice machine, cooling tower, water pumps, water pipes, water pipe fittings.

4.Cutomer only need prepare power and water for running the machine.

5.All required components for install the machine will be provide.


1.Q: How often does the ice block machine add salt?

 A:The salt water concentration is tested every 2 weeks (22-25 Baume degrees). When the concentration is lower than the standard concentration, salt needs to be added, because ice film will take away a part of the salt water. Generally, add salt once every 3 months.o electricity and water.

2.Q:The ice block machine for sale tests the pH once a month?

 A:PH value between 7-8

3.Q: How to define the size of the ice brick machine?

  A: A daily output of 1 ton to 10 tons is usually defined as a small-scale ice block machine. The whole machine can be transported in containers. 

A daily output of more than 10 tons to 20 tons is usually defined as a medium-sized ice blcok machine. 

The whole machine can be reasonably designed or made into two salt pools. 

The equipment can also be transported in containers. 

A daily output of more than 20 tons to 100 tons (more than 100 tons) is usually defined as a large-scale ice block machine, It is necessary to go to the customer's use site for construction, the unit and ice model are completed in the factory, and the salt water tank is manufactured, installed and debugged until the customer's use site is completed

4.Q: Whats the deliver time of your machine?

A:1~5ton, 30 days since the deposit arrived at our account, 5~20 ton, 45 days. (based on the electricity 380V/50Hz/3p, some special design lead time will be longer

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