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Cold Room for Battery Explosion-Proof

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Cold Room for Battery Explosion-Proof

Project:Hunan Desai Battery Energy Storage Core Project

Cold storage type: Explosion-proof cold storage

Cold storage area: 537.06㎡

Address: China

Stored products: glycol and electrolyte

Project Summary: This refrigeration program is an electrolyte cold storage system project with a construction area of 537.06 square meters, single-story building with a building height of 7.5 meters. The fire hazard level is Class A. The design temperature is 0℃~10℃, used for storing electrolyte, and the incoming quantity is 35 barrels/day.

Background: Hunan Desai Battery Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Shenzhen Desai Battery Technology Co. The company was established on March 3, 2022, located in Changsha Wangcheng, mainly engaged in battery manufacturing, sales, energy storage technology services and battery leasing, etc. It is committed to the research and development, manufacturing, sales and of energy storage cell-related products, and constantly pursues the innovation and breakthrough of the core technology of energy storage battery. The energy storage cell project is a major strategic layout of Desai Battery, with a investment of 7.5 billion, a total planning capacity of 20GWh and a planning area of 1000 mu, to build an industry-leading and high-specification R&D center, a high-end intelligent manufacturing center and a global marketing center, to set a new benchmark for Changsha's energy storage industry and to make Wangcheng one of the most important production bases of Desai Battery worldwide.

The effect and details of cold storage installation:


Cold room panels:


Cold room unit: Danish Danfoss scroll unit is used for the refrigeration system, with 4 compressors and 1 standby compressor.


Cold storage Calandria Evaperator: the warehouse uses double-winged aluminum Calandria, the evaporation area of the aluminum Calandria configured in warehouse one and warehouse two is 226㎡ The evaporation area of the aluminum Calandria configured in arehouse three is 452㎡.


Project Acceptance:


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