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When purchasing a cooler or ice machine, you may be torn between an air-cooled condenser and a water-cooled condenser. To answer this question, let's analyze the differences between them.



IISM & Indonesia Cold Chain Expo 2024 × Hunan Icemedal(Icemedal)
The 11th Indonesia International Cold Chain, Seafood and Meat Industry Expo was held on 8-11 May 2024 in Jakarta, Indonesia, which is not only an industry event, but also the best platform to serve the trade industry participants in Indonesia's cold food, cold chain, seafood and meat industry. 



The Basic Principle,structure,and Maintenance of Cold Storage
General cold storage mostly by the refrigerator refrigeration, the use of gasification temperature is very low liquid as a coolant, so that it is evaporated in the low pressure and mechanical control of the conditions, absorption of heat in the reservoir, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling down



Cold storage temperature and its capacity calculation
According to different food materials requiring different refrigeration temperatures, cold storage can be divided into high temperature cold storage, medium and low temperature, cold storage and ultra-low temperature cold storageHigh temperature cold storageHigh-temperature cold storage is what we c
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