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Do You Know about Flake Ice?

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Do You Know about Flake Ice?

Flake ice machine, a type of ice maker, produces dry, loose white flakes with a thickness of 1.5-2.2m and a diameter of 12-45mm. The flake ice has a large contact area, can quickly refrigerate, and could be thoroughly mixed with objects. At the same time, it has no sharp edges and corners and will not stab frozen objects. Icemedal flake ice machine has excellent refrigeration effect, has the characteristics of large refrigeration capacity and rapid ice making

1.Large contact area and fast cooling

The flat shape characteristic of flake ice makes it larger than the surface area of all other shapes of ice of the same weight. The larger the contact surface area, the better the cooling effect. As an example, the minimum value of surface area of one ton of flake ice is 1579 square meters, and other type of ice such as tube ice and cube ice can only provide 395 to 1294 square meters, so the refrigeration efficiency of flake ice is 2 to 5 times higher than tube and cube ice.

flake ice

2.Low production cost

The production cost of flake ice is very economical, only about 85 degrees of electricity is needed to cool 16 degrees Celsius water into 1 ton of flake ice.

3.Excellent food preservation

Flake ice is soft and free of sharp edges.Its flat shape minimizes damage to the frozen product.

4.Thorough mixing

Due to the huge surface area of flake ice, its heat exchange process is rapid, and the flake ice can quickly melt into water, take away heat, and add humidity to the mixture.

flake ice application

Due to its high refrigeration efficiency and rapid cooling, flake ice is used in a wide range of applications, including large refrigeration facilities, rapid freezing for food processing, medical preservation, concrete cooling, and creative food preparation in some catering industries. Flake ice can be made from either fresh or salt water, and the preparation process is usually done through a specialised flake ice machine.

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