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Enterprise Orders Booming, Production Workshops Busy

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Enterprise Orders Booming, Production Workshops Busy

Into the production workshop of Icemedal enterprises, forklifts are transported to and from the frame, large-scale evaporation barrels, various types of large-scale machines operate non-stop, more than 30 front-line workers to hold their posts, the workshop production line running non-stop.

icemedal workshop

Icemedal Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly produces industrial refrigeration equipment, mainly industrial ice makers and cold chain refrigeration equipment. The products are mainly sold in a combination of foreign trade and domestic orders. Currently, the sales field has reached about 130 countries.

Icemedal tube ice machine

The ice making equipment produced by Icemedal Enterprise is mainly used in various fields such as biochemistry, food processing, animal husbandry and aquatic products, and catering ice. The advanced technology and innovative capabilities possessed by this enterprise can empower the development of the refrigeration industry. At present, Enterprise orders have been scheduled to April, in order to ensure that shipments on schedule, the enterprise is working overtime to ensure quality and quantity to complete production tasks.

icemedal workshop

Workshop workers are in the tube ice machine evaporation barrel parts assembly and tube ice machine debugging work, debugging after the body will be cleaned and packaged, the finished product will be packaged after the Spring Festival, shipped to Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia and other places.

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