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How Can A Piece of "ice" Revitalize Unsold Fresh Products?

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How Can A Piece of "ice" Revitalize Unsold Fresh Products?

How to revitalize unsold fresh products through cold chain technology with a piece of "ice". 

Specifically, the following measures can be taken:

1.Use ice makers and cold storage to ensure the storage and transportation of fresh products. Ice makers can produce a large amount of ice cubes for preservation and transportation. Cold storage can provide a constant temperature environment, keeping products fresh during storage. In this way,even if transportation is temporarily blocked or sales fluctuate, the freshness of the product can be ensured and the risk of unsold products can be reduced.

2.Adopting full process cold chain technology during transportation. Fresh products need to maintain a certain temperature range to prevent spoilage and spoilage. By using cold chain equipment such as ice cubes and insulated boxes, it is possible to ensure that the product is always in a suitable temperature environment during transportation, thereby maintaining its freshness and quality.

flake ice application for food preservation

In summary, a piece of "ice" can effectively revitalize unsold fresh products through the application of cold chain technology. 

By ensuring the freshness of storage and transportation, reducing the risk of unsold products, and improving sales efficiency, we can help businesses solve the problem of unsold fresh products

In recent years, with the continuous introduction of cold chain technology and the gradual improvement of cold chain facilities, the importance of cold chain circulation of fresh agricultural products has become increasingly prominent. 

More and more "source cold storage", as well as full process fresh ice and other methods, have entered the market of cold chain circulation of agricultural products, realizing the first step of cold chain logistics for fresh products, and providing higher commodity quality assurance for long-term shelf supply and long-distance transportation and distribution of fresh products from the root.

flake ice application for aquatic product

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