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How Does An Ice Block Machine Help To Cool Down The Temperature?

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How Does An Ice Block Machine Help To Cool Down The Temperature?

How does an ice block machine help to cool down the temperature?What secrets of ice applications are waiting to be revealed?

With the continuous rise of temperature, environmental cooling has become a focus of attention in various industries. As an efficient ice making equipment, the ice block machine produces the largest size of ice cubes among all ice products. Due to its small contact area with the outside, it is not easy to melt. In addition, ice blocks can be crushed into various forms of ice according to different requirements, and after crushing, they are suitable for all places where ice is used.

1.The characteristics of ice produced by ice block machines

Large ice volume: The ice produced by the ice brick machine has a large volume and can stably release cold energy for a long time, making it suitable for large spaces and industrial application.

Low melting speed: due to the large volume of ice cubes, the surface area is relatively small, making the ice cubes slower in the melting process and prolonging the cooling effect.

High efficiency: the ice block machine adopts advanced refrigeration technology, which can produce a large amount of ice cubes at one time to meet the large-scale cooling demand.

block ice

2.The ice method of block ice machine

Direct cooling block ice machine: the evaporator is made of aluminium alloy with high efficient thermal conductivity, direct and efficient heat exchange with refrigerant, no need to use brine, no need to replace the ice mould for long term use, fast ice making speed, safe and environmentally friendly equipment, clean and hygienic ice, can reach the edible standard. Modular design, simple operation, small footprint, easy to install, on-site water and electricity can be connected to make ice. Direct cooling block ice machine with high degree of automation, automatic water replenishment, automatic ice making, automatic de-icing, without manual operation.

direct cooling block ice machine

Brine ice block machine:

Firstly, the ice making pool is filled with low-temperature brine and further cooled by an evaporator.

Next, the ice moulds are filled with the right amount of water and placed in the pool, and the low-temperature brine encourages the water to solidify into ice quickly. During the ice-making stage, agitators are used to ensure that the brine circulates evenly to accelerate freezing, while the ice moulds are neatly arranged and stabilised by steel frames. Once the ice is formed, a travelling device lifts the ice moulds to the melting pool, where they are briefly immersed for about two to three minutes to allow the edges of the ice cubes to melt slightly for demoulding. Afterwards, the ice is easily transferred to an inclined chute and slid into the ice delivery truck.

Finally, the re-watered ice moulds are cleaned and placed in the brine pool to start a new round of ice production.

ice block machine

3.Application of ice produced by block ice making machine

Large event site: In large events such as outdoor music festivals, sports events, etc., the ice produced by the block ice making machine helps to reduce the temperature around the event site.

Factory Workshop Cooling: In factory workshops working under high temperature environment, ice produced by ice brick machine is used to cool down the temperature through the air circulation system, which improves the comfort of the working environment and protects the health and productivity of workers.

Tunnel construction cooling: in the tunnel construction process, ice produced by the ice block machine can be used to reduce the temperature inside the tunnel, providing a relatively cool working environment for the workers to improve construction efficiency and protect the health of workers.

Food preservation: During the transport and storage of fruits, vegetables and seafood, the ice produced by the ice b machine can provide a stable low-temperature environment to delay food spoilage and maintain the freshness and nutritional value of food

block ice for application

Ice block machines produce ice that plays a vital role in summer cooling. From large-scale events to the environmental cooling of factory workshops, to the cooling of tunnel construction and the preservation of fruits, vegetables and seafood, the application of block ice maker is ubiquitous. As a senior ice machine manufacturer standing in the refrigeration industry for many years, with the company's continuous technological progress and innovation, Icemedal Refrigeration will continue to provide efficient and environmentally friendly cooling solutions for various industries.

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