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How Does Tube Ice Machines Work?

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How Does Tube Ice Machines Work?

Tube Ice Machine Overview

Tube ice machine is mainly composed of refrigerant circulation system, cooling system and water circulation system. Among them, the refrigerant circulation system includes the compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator and other components, the cooling system includes the radiator, fan and heat dissipation channel and other components, and the water circulation system includes the water inlet, cooling water pipeline and ice outlet and other components.

tube ice machine

What is Tube ice

Tube ice is a more regular hollow cylindrical shape, the outer diameter is divided into four specifications of 22, 29, 32mm and 35mm, the height varies from 25 to 60mm, the diameter of the inner hole in the middle can be adjusted according to the time of ice making, generally between 5 and 15mm. The ice is thicker and transparent, beautiful, long storage period, not easy to melt, good permeability. For daily consumption, vegetable preservation, fishery boat aquatic products preservation, etc.

tube ice

Tube ice making machines work on a simple principle of creating ice through a refrigeration process. The system comprises a compressor, ice machine, water pump, and condenser. Given that this is a refrigeration process, the ice maker requires electrical power to run.

The step-by-step process below gives a detailed understanding of how the tube ice maker works.

Step 1: Water Filtration

Before ice production can begin,The water need to through the filtration system, impurities and microorganisms are removed to ensure the ice safety of ice products.

Step 2: Refrigerant cycle

The compressor compresses the refrigerant and delivers the high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant to the condenser to cool it into liquid. Then, the refrigerant passes through the expansion valve to reduce the pressure, turning the refrigerant into low-temperature and low-pressure vapor.

Step 3: Evaporation freezing

In a ice tube maker machine, a refrigerant is circulated around a cold plate. The cold plate is a flat surface with an array of cylindrical holes. The refrigerant cools the holes to the point where a thin layer of ice forms around it.


Tube ice making machines have the advantages of fast ice making speed, uniform ice size, energy saving and environmental protection, and easy maintenance. They are an important part of the refrigeration industry. With their high efficiency, energy saving, stability and reliability, they provide an indispensable refrigeration solution for modern society.

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