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How Ice Cubes Affects Coffee Or Drinks

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How Ice Cubes Affects Coffee Or Drinks

The effect of ice on coffee or beverages

In many people’s eyes, ice is nothing more than a way to cool a coffee or drink, so it doesn’t matter what shape or size it is, just a block of ice, cooling and cooling, is enough. So is ice really that simple? We took a professional look at how ice affects coffee or drink. In fact, there are many different shapes of ice on the market: cube ice, half cube ice, snow ice, round ice, ore ice and so on. These different ice shapes have different applications in the coffee industry.

Application of different shapes of ice in various markets

In southeast Asia, many large coffee chains use mineral-shaped ice as their only option, In south Korea, coffee shops use round ice as a way to cool their coffee. In the European market, most coffee shopkeepers tend to use round ice as their first choice, in the United States, the world’s largest market for edible ice, people prefer regular cube ice. In recent years, however, the chewy, smooth, mineral-shaped ice has been gaining acceptance in the US market. In contrast, most coffee shops in China influenced by traditional chain restaurants, generally use cube or half cube ice.

cube ice drink

Why is cube ice the preferred choice for many Southeast Asian coffee chain?

Due to local climatic conditions and traditional customers, the demand base for ice in the region is also very large. Ordinary ice cubes, however, are harder than people’s teach can hold, making them harder to chew and swallow.

What’s more interesting is that if you use a blender to blend this ice cube with coffee and break it up. You can get a now form of drink—a coffee-flavored shake, which will give the operator more choices in terms of drinks. In addition, as this kind of ice can be laid and placed at will, it can also be spread on the bottom of the display cabinet to cool drinks(similar to the fresh table laid with snow ice to keep the freshness of food), really achieve the effect of a multi-purpose machine.

cube ice applications

Ice plays an important role in coffee. Its presence is not only related to the coffee itself, but also to the taste of the coffee. It’s just that unlike other coffee equipment, which is in a dominant position, ice cube has a hidden effect coffee, but the combination of the two can enhance the quality and value of the coffee itself. In China’s coffee market level, some operators based on the cost factor, take the way of the price is relatively low in with the coffee package is tie-in, can this approach in terms of cost, but if you want to make high-quality goods, make characteristic, simple cracked can’t meet the demand of the general, a fit with you drink instead of ice and characteristic of ice, more will be unlimited expansion for a cup of coffee.

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