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In The Golden Autumn of September, Icemedal Ice Making Machines Shine Brightly In Domestic and International Markets

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In The Golden Autumn of September, Icemedal Ice Making Machines Shine Brightly In Domestic and International Markets

Recently, The ice machine produced by our company has been favoured by famous enterprises at dosmetic and foreign, and has gained a lot of praise. Up to now, our products have been exported to Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia, South America and other more than 130 countries and regions. As a start-up company why the product can frequently get the praise and recognition of customers?Through understanding, there are mainly the following points:

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Technological ice making with stable performance. The Icemedal ice maker has multiple original patent technologies for ice making and refrigeration, and has obtained certifications including EU UDEM certification, ISO9001, ISO14001, 3A credit, etc. It can quickly and stably make ice, And has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and so on. Icemedal Ice Maker can provide high-quality ice making services for users in fields such as food processing, aquatic processing, large chain supermarkets, hotels, logistics, mine cooling, chemical engineering, and ice storage.

Easy to operate and safer. The design of Icemedal ice machine is very humane, equipped with an intelligent control system, which not only makes the operation more convenient, but also effectively avoids all kinds of accidents, and the later maintenance is very easy.

In addition to the characteristics mentioned above, the Icemedal ice maker also has the advantage of environmental protection and energy conservation. Due to its efficient ice making speed and intelligent control system, the machine can reduce energy waste and reduce ice making costs. Compared with other ice making equipment on the market, Icemedal ice maker has successfully reduced energy consumption by 10% through technological transformation and comprehensive optimization. In today's society that values environmental protection, Icemedal ice machines are also a product that aligns with future development trends.

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Exclusive customization, worry free after-sales service. Our company has a strong design and development team, from requirement analysis to application design, from production and manufacturing to debugging and installation. Whether customers need a large amount of ice making or a small batch of ice making, Icemedal ice making machines can support multiple models and specifications customized according to different occasions and needs, meeting the diverse needs of customers. In terms of after-sales service, Icemedal promises that all machines will have a uniform warranty of 1 year: free maintenance and replacement of spare parts during the warranty period; You can also enjoy a comprehensive training process and technical support.

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Standardised management, scientific design, strict production standards, considerate service. These are the reasons for the success of Icemedal today. In the future, Icemedal will continue to research advanced ice-making technology, share cases of efficient use of ice-making for the world, actively take up the responsibility of Chinese manufacturing enterprises, adhere to the spirit of craftsmanship, and achieve the international famous brand model!

If you are interested in Icemedal refrigeration and cold-chain products such as quick-freezing equipment, block ice machines, flake ice machines, cube ice machines, or tube ice machines, you can send an email, fill out a form or even leave a message to receive quick quotes and product information.our professional salesman will contact you to introduce the products, analyze the input-output ratio for you, and arrange a free appointment to design the ice factory plan. We are excited about collaborating with you to create a better future!

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