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Teach You Set Drainage in Cold storage Installation

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Teach You Set Drainage in Cold storage Installation

Many customers asked us how to set the drainage in cold storage room installation?  Yes, the cold storage installation project often involves the problem of drainage.

When the cold storage is running, the evaporator of the refrigeration system will produce condensed water or the frost of the cold storage, and the water will also be generated after the unit is closed. If it is not drained in time, it will affect the use of the cold storage room. During Icemedal cold storage installation, the installation of the drainage system is very important.

The cold storage drainage system is mainly used to drain the refrigeration unit and the warehouse. The refrigeration unit drainage is mainly used for defrosting treatment of cooling fans and condensers. The drainage system not only discharges but may even discharge some ice. According to the structure and equipment of the cold storage, The installation direction is different, and the discharge direction of the drainage pipe is also different. The discharge of the general refrigeration drainage pipe is discharged according to the "Code for Construction of Water Supply and Drainage Planning". The discharge pipe must be connected to the outside of the cold storage and sealed to prevent leakage of cooling capacity. . The U-shaped pipe should be installed on the drainage pipe. The U-shaped pipe can not only make the drainage smooth, avoid cold leakage, but also avoid the invasion of insects and mice.

Cold storage installation

1. Construction requirements for condensate drain

(1)The inner wall of the condensate pipe should be cleaned up before installation.

(2)The condensate pipe is discharged with a set slope to ensure smooth drainage.

(3)The water outlet of the condensate pipe should be planned with a water bend.

(4) The condensate pipe must be installed with a pipe clamp or hook every 1.5-2m.

(5)After the installation of the condensate pipe, water injection is needed to test for leakage

2. the layout of the condensate pipe

(1)If there is a ditch in the place where the cold storage is installed, the water discharged from the condensate should be discharged into the dark ditch.

(2) If the nearby multi-lift evaporator is far from the sewer pipe, it can connect the condensation branch pipe and the sewer pipe of the multi-lift evaporator.

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