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The Fruit Cold Storage Project in Chenglingji International Container Terminal (CICT)

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The Fruit Cold Storage Project in Chenglingji International Container Terminal (CICT)

The fruit cold storage Project in Chenglingji International Container Terminal (CICT)

Market Background

Chenglingji Port is a designated supervision site for imported fruits, a national level open platform, and the only national first-class water transportation port in Hunan.

Project Background

The client conpany has undertaken some of the construction work of the port, including the fruit cold storage project commissioned by Icemedal. The company is engaged in the development of instruments and meters, intelligent security inspection, and port supervision equipment. Through continuous integrity management and deep cultivation in the field,Icemedal has established a deep cooperative relationship with the enterprise.

Product Introduction

Because of imported fruits need to meet various national food safety regulations and quarantine requirements, only goods that meet the requirements for imported fruits after being stored in refrigerated warehouses and assessed by inspection and quarantine institutions will be allowed to enter the market. Due to the heavy workload of inspection and quarantine, as well as the import and export of goods, the imported fruit cold storage needs to meet the requirements of good air isolation, heat insulation, insect prevention, moisture prevention, and other properties.

IMG_20230808_161508 拷贝

Icemedal Refrigeration in order to reduce the loss of cooling capacity in the cold storage and convenient theentry and exit of goods,Icemedal Refrigeration has installed electric sliding doors that canquickly open and close. At the same time, it has installed air curtains that use airflow to isolate the air inside and outside the storage, reducing heat exchange.

DSC02039 拷贝

Cover with rainproof sheds to reduce equipment wear and corrosion.

DSC02194 拷贝

Icemedalhas customized several rows of fresh air outlets and exhaust air outlets for the cold storage to maintain smooth fresh air flow, maintain constant humidity in the cold storage, and extend the fruit preservation period.

DSC01991 拷贝   DSC02008 拷贝

Construction Transportation

Icemedal has a professional construction team and construction qualifications, with many years of construction experience. The picture shows the Icemedal craftsman team carrying out the loading and unloading of storage panels and the construction of the main body cold storage.

mmexport1686196550861 拷贝

IMG_20230626_105917 拷贝

Project completion

The company customizes a small supporting cold storage fromIcemedal for storing products such as ink, glue, and industrial paint.

IMG_20230808_160640 拷贝

IMG_20230808_163611 拷贝

The imported fruit cold storage built by Icemedal for the enterprise has been recognized by customers for its standardized construction, convenient use, and excellent quality. Currently, the cold storage has been put into use.

Icemedal has a complete research and development design, production and construction, and after-sales service team,Adhering to the core concept of "creating value for customers",If you want get more infromation,please don't hesitate to contact us.

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