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When Buying An Ice Machine, What Is The Key To Choosing between Air-cooled Or Water-cooled?

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When Buying An Ice Machine, What Is The Key To Choosing between Air-cooled Or Water-cooled?

When purchasing a cold room or ice machine, you may be torn between an air-cooled condenser and a water-cooled condenser. To answer this question, let's analyze the differences between them.

Air-cooled unit

The air-cooled condenser stands out for its simple construction, low maintenance costs, no freezing of condensate pipes, no installation or low installation costs, affordability and silent operation. 

However, it's not infallible - for one thing, high temperatures can significantly impair its cooling performance. Imagine the hot summer, exposed to the sun of the air conditioning unit is difficult to efficient cooling.

Secondly, air-cooled condensing is not very suitable for large tonnage ice making machine or large cold storage

Water-cooled unit

Water-cooled systems, on the other hand, have the advantage of providing constant and excellent heat dissipation performance, with fluctuating outside temperatures barely affecting their cooling performance, and with more economical long-term operating costs. However, the water-cooled condensing system includes water-cooled condenser, water piping and outdoor cooling tower, the structure compared to the air-cooled to be more complex, and covers a larger area, there is a scaling problem of the water pipe, and the ambient temperature is below zero when the need to disable the refrigeration system, after disabling the water-cooled piping water discharge, or there is a possibility of piping tension crack.

In summary, air-cooled and water-cooled have their own advantages and disadvantages, a reasonable choice needs to be based on the amount of condensation, the climate environment, the budget and other aspects to be considered in a comprehensive manner, leaving aside these factors to make decisions do not seem to be in line with reality. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to consult us. We will be happy to provide you with professional advice or solutions to help you make a more suitable choice.

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