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Why Need Add Ice When Mixing Concrete?

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Why Need Add Ice When Mixing Concrete?

We are often asked why ice is used when pouring ready mix concrete? Well, we are going to explain to you now the reason for this, so keep reading if this is something that you are looking for the answer to.

The main reason for adding ice when pouring ready-mixed concrete is to control the temperature of the concrete, especially in hot climates or when pouring large volumes of concrete. Here are a few of the main reasons:

Icemedal concrete cooling project

1.Reduce the temperature of concrete entering the mold: In high temperature environments in summer, the temperature of concrete raw materials (such as cement, sand, and stone) will increase, causing the temperature of the mixed concrete to exceed the allowable range of the specifications. Adding ice can significantly reduce the initial temperature of concrete, making it meet construction standards and reducing the difficulty of subsequent temperature control.

2. Preventing cracks caused by hydration heat: During the hardening process of concrete, a large amount of hydration heat is generated, especially in large volume concrete (such as dams, bridge piers, etc.), which makes it difficult to quickly dissipate internal heat and easily causes temperature differences between inside and outside, leading to uneven stress on the surface and inside of the concrete, forming cracks. By adding ice, the rate of hydration reaction can be slowed down, the temperature distribution can be uniform, and reduced the risk of cracks.

concrete cooling project

3.Ensure concrete quality: Under high temperature conditions, the setting time of concrete will be shortened, and its working performance will decrease. Adding ice can prolong the working time of concrete, ensure good fluidity of concrete during transportation and pouring, and improve pouring quality and efficiency.

4. Improving construction conditions: For large-scale engineering projects such as bridges and dams, where the amount of concrete poured is huge, temperature control is particularly important. Adding ice can be combined with other cooling measures to maintain the temperature stability of concrete, ensuring structural safety and durability.

concrete cooling project

In summary, adding ice is an effective temperature management method that helps control the hardening process of concrete by reducing its initial temperature, avoiding quality problems caused by high temperatures, and ensuring the integrity and safety of concrete structures.

In the field of industrial refrigeration, Icemedal Refrigeration relies on its deep cultivation and meticulous work in the field of industrial refrigeration. We specialize in creating a comprehensive cooling solution for concrete cooling, with our core equipment - a large flake ice machine for excellent cooling.

If you would like to know more information and guidance on using ice blocks when pouring and mixing concrete, please contact us and we are happy to provide help.

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