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IISM & Indonesia Cold Chain Expo 2024 × Hunan Icemedal(Icemedal)

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IISM & Indonesia Cold Chain Expo 2024 × Hunan Icemedal(Icemedal)

The 11th Indonesia International Cold Chain, Seafood and Meat Industry Expo was held on 8-11 May 2024 in Jakarta, Indonesia, which is not only an industry event, but also the best platform to serve the trade industry participants in Indonesia's cold food, cold chain, seafood and meat industry. For this reason, Icemedal has prepared and planned for this event with great care, and led the company's foreign trade team to participate in this expo with the latest product technology and exhibition materials.

IISM & Indonesia Cold Chain Expo 2024 × Hunan Icemedal(Icemedal)

In this exhibition, Icemedal brought the main products, such as tube ice machine,cube ice machine, ice block machine ,flake ice machine and cold storage, all of which have been certified by CE and other certificates, and have been praised by customers in many countries and regions.

Compared with last year, the products exhibited in this exhibition are optimised and upgraded by the company's team according to the market environment and climatic characteristics of Southeast Asia, such as the performance and appearance of the products, to enhance the competitiveness of the products.

IISM & Indonesia Cold Chain Expo picture

Through a few days of intense and busy exhibition and marketing activities, come to consult a steady stream of customers, including more than ten customers on-site orders, orders amounted to millions of dollars, which fully demonstrates the Southeast Asian market for Icemedal refrigeration products and services recognised and affirmed.

In recent years, China-Indonesia bilateral political stability and economic exchanges have become more and more active. Indonesia's refrigeration market has a strong demand for refrigeration units, air conditioners, freezing and ice-making equipment, cold chain cold storage and other products. 

China is a big and strong country in refrigeration industry and equipment, Icemedal Refrigeration as one of the leaders, its R & D and production of ice machine series products, by virtue of the quality and price of the products and service advantages, to become a strong force in Southeast Asia refrigeration industry market.

Icemedal Exhibition Pictures

Not only do IcemedaI provide all kinds of ice machines and quick-freezing equipment, but more importantly, we recommend suitable solutions according to customer needs.

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