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Icemedal Industrial Automatic Ice Cube Making Machine

  • MOQ:1 set
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Payment: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, L/C
  • Lead time: 40 days after getting deposit
  • After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service overseas
  • IMC 2


ICEMEDAL IMC2 2 Tons Per Day Industrial Automatic Ice Cube Making Machine

cube ice machine structure


 Product Description

Icemedal ice cube machines are made of the better parts, compressors, condensers, expansion valves, and evaporators are all to ensure that the output of the ice machine is stable, the quality is good, and the ice cubes are beautiful in appearance, clean and hygienic, pure and edible.

cube ice machine ice-mold

Stainless Steel Evaporator

The evaporator has the characteristics of anti-

corrosin,safety and sanitation,large contact area,and 

accelerated heat and cold exchange with refrigerant.

Brand Compressor

We use brand Compressor as the stable heart for the ice

machine, you can easily acquire spare parts of after-sale

service around the globe.

ice cube making machine compressor

cube ice machine core components

Good Quality & Stable Output

The core components of the equipment are all the top

technical equipment in the industry,with good quality 

and stable output.

Touch Screen Controller

Touch screen controls the whole system,it is easy

touse,And the friendly display mode allows you

tomonitor the ice machine in a better way.

cube ice machine touch screen controller
cube ice machine RO water filter


RO Water Filter

Cube ice machine water should be clean and

healthy water,if the local water quality don't meet the

edible standard,we can provide RO water filter also.

Automatic Ice Packing Machine

All part contact with ice is SUS304 material.Full  

automatic packing system,save labor cost and

production cost.

cube ice automatic ice packing machine

Product Features

 Low energy consumption: 85~90 kWh/ton in summer, 70~85 kWh/ton if the ambient temperature is lower than 23℃.

 Large capacity: Single machine’s daily capacity can be 1 ton to 20 tons and production is stable, in hot summer we can still reach 90~95% of the rated capacity. If the ambient temperature is lower than 20℃, it can reach 100~130%.

 Stable performance: Ice is crystal clear and hard, well-shaped and beautiful, can be stored for a long time.

 Components brand: Compressor is German Bitzer or Italian Frascold, electric devices are Siemens or LG.

Ice cube size: 22*22*22mm / 29*29*22mm / 38*38*22mm or customized.

 Automatic operation: PLC controlled, be able to automatically adjust the thickness of ice, forming ice, harvesting ice, and add water.

 Fully automatic and need no human adjustment.


 Cube Ice Application 

cube ice is widely used in bars, hotels, canteens, banquet hall, western restaurant, fast food restaurant, convenience store, restaurants, convenience stores, cold drinks shops and other places where ice is needed. The size of the ice can be adjusted to meet the different needs of customers for ice. and so on.

cube ice for drinks

Drinks cooling

cube ice for bar


cube ice for restaurant


| Product Parameters

2 ton per day Large Capacity Cube Ice Machine for hotels & restaurants Parameters
Model  Parameters IMC1
Daily output (T/24h) 1
2 3 5 10
Compressor Power 4.34KW
7.88KW 10.58KW
21KW 42KW
Fan Power for Cooling Tower 0.18KW
0.37KW 0.56KW
Cooling Pump Power
1.5KW 1.5KW 2.2KW

Unit size

L(mm) 1800
1630 1980
2890 5730
W(mm) 1000
1600 1630 1780
H(mm) 1700
1706 1860
1860 2130
Unit N.W.(kg) 800
1000 1200 1600
♦ Size of cube ice:22*22*22mm / 29*29*22mm / 38*38*22mm
♦ Compressor Brand: Bitzer / Frascold; Refrigerant: R22/R404A; Cooling Method: Water Cooling / Air Cooling;
♦ Power Supply: Voltage 380V/3P/50Hz (For non-standard voltage, unit configuration needs to be calculated separately).
♦ Operating Conditions: T(water supply) : 20 ° C, T(ambient) : 32 ° C, T(condensing) : 40 ° C,T(evaporating):-10℃.
♦ (Note: The actual ice production varies due to the influence of water supply temperature and ambient temperature.)
♦ (The final interpretation of the above metioned parameters is in Icesource, there will be no further notice, if there is any technical change.)


1. What kind of power supply is available??

A: 380~420V/50Hz/3P or 220~240V/ 60Hz/3P, single phase is not available, if you need special power supply design, pleaase inform us with clear information so we can add additional devices.

2. What to do before starting a edible ice business?

A: Firstly, do some marketing investigation to decide how big capacity machine you. Secondly you need to check that if there is clean water and power supply for the machine. If the power supply is not stable, many customers consider to equip power generator. As for water, it is better to equip water treatment to make pure water, filling inside machine to make ice.

3. How long is the warranty and about the after-sale service?

A: We provide you 1 year of warranty and oversea engineering service is available.

4. What size of ice cubes should I choose and can I produce different size of ice with a single machine?

A: Choosing a size depends on consumers' habit and market.

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